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Monday, October 03, 2005


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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Gaza TV: Fatah Wins 53%, HAMAS 26% of Seats in Local Elections

So if a terrorist organization is democratically elected what does that say?

And how does it affect the US aid that has been flowing to the PA?

Palestine Satellite Channel Television

Saturday, October 1, 2005 T11:01:44

Gaza Palestine Satellite Channel Television in Arabic at 0815 GMT on 1 October begins to carry live from the "Palestinian Media Center" a news conference by Jamal al-Shawbaki, head of the Higher Local Elections Committee, who announces the results of the third phase of the local council elections held in the West Bank on 29 September 2005.

Al-Shawbaki says voter turnout reached 84 percent. He adds that the elections took place based on the amended elections law, which takes into account constituencies and party lists. He says that in accordance with the new law, only those registered in the voters lists were allowed to vote.

Al-Shawbaki announces that the elections took place in 104 local councils, 22 of which won uncontested. He notes that 144,000 were registered to vote for 1,018 seats during this stage.

Al-Shawbaki says these seats were distributed as follows:

Fatah won 547 seats; HAMAS won 265 seats; the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) won 55 seats; the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) won 13 seats; the People's Party won 18 seats; the Islamic Jihad won three seats; the independents won 58 seats; and families won 59 seats.
Al-Shawbaki adds that the percentages are as follows:

Fatah: 53.73%

HAMAS: 26.03%

PFLP: 5.40%

DFLP: 1.28%

People's Party: 1.77%

Islamic Jihad: 0.29%

Independents: 5.70%

Families: 5.80%

He adds that Fatah won the seats of 51 local councils and HAMAS won the seats of 13 local councils. He notes that 40 local councils will be formed based on coalitions.

Al-Shawbaki thanks the Palestinian citizens, the Ministry of Education and teachers, and the Palestinian police.

At 0820 GMT, Al-Shawbaki begins to take questions.

Responding to a question, Al-Shawbaki says 17 prisoners were candidates, and most of them had won.

Responding to another question, Al-Shawbaki says: "In my opinion, the high turnout by Palestinians took place because Palestinians see the elections as a new struggle arena, and they want to convey to the international community that the Palestinian people, who are living and suffering under occupation, have the democratic ability to self-determination. Therefore, the international community must intervene to end the occupation, and give the Palestinians the freedom to establish a state."

The news conference ends at 0840 GMT.