Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sharq al Awsat: Writer Slams Ba'thists, Fundamentalists for Using Suicide Bombers in Iraq

This is an interesting article, originally published in Arabic in Sharq al Awsat.

Sharq al Awsat is an influential Saudi-owned London daily providing independent coverage of Arab and international issues; editorials reflect official Saudi views on foreign policy.

by Tariq al-Humayd: "All of Them Are Drugged"

Al-Sharq al-Awsat

Tuesday, September 20, 2005 T13:00:05Z

I write this article as a comment on the report published on page 1 about the young man who was forced to bomb a Shiite mosque in Iraq. The attempt was foiled after the young man fled from the mosque. He said he was forced to undertake this mission after he was kidnapped, beaten, and given drugs by the terrorists in Iraq. Statements by US military officials confirmed that the tests carried on this young man indicate he was telling the truth.

I strongly believe that what he said was correct. All the terrorists are drugged. They were drugged by the media and articles, the false and fabricated whimsical tales, and the faked photos that are chosen from the angle that serves the terrorists, Ba'thists or fundamentalists.

They were drugged with speeches from mosques' rostrums, honeyed promise of houris, and statements signed by persons who know nothing about jihad other than words and resonant speeches. They were drugged by the politicians who continue to reiterate in our hearing the need to define terror at a time when we have become in dire need for defining the resistance.

Killing thousands of civilians and military in Iraq is terror. Killing civilians and military in Saudi Arabia is terror. What happened in Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, and Qatar is terror. Blowing up oneself in vain in the Palestinian territories is not resistance but a frustration of every step taken by the Palestinian Authority. We therefore need to have a definition of resistance today.

These young men are drugged day and night for political purposes. They are traded on the borders of all the issues and not the borders of Iraq alone. Everyone with a political bill uses them to settle it. Just list how many of the failed suicide operations where those who escaped said they did not know it was a suicide operation.

Some of the returnees from Iraq and those arrested mentioned they were surprised to see bearded Ba'thists, who are so far removed from religion, steering and using them to achieve their purposes in Iraq. It is not the Ba'thists alone who are benefiting from these young men but also forces that open the doors to them and reap the result of their terror and abuse. The day will come when the Iraqis will discover the facts themselves.

Truly, it is not this or that who is to be blamed but the merchants of words and rumors who should be brought to account. Stop drugging these young men. This noisy throng of throwing them in hell is enough. The merchants of blood and destruction should know that words are subject to accountability and punishment. The Saudi mufti's fatwa on the statement of the head of evil Al-Zarqawi and his attacks on the Iraqi Shiites should be accompanied by a real effort by those who want to protect the religion from these people who are distorting its image and drugging our youths.

(Description of Source: London Al-Sharq al-Awsat (Internet Version-WWW) in Arabic -- Influential Saudi-owned London daily providing independent coverage of Arab and international issues; editorials reflect official Saudi views on foreign policy)



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