Thursday, September 29, 2005

Second Al Qaeda TV Broadcast Released

Al Qaeda's Media Office Releases Second 'Voice of the Caliphate' Broadcast
Wednesday, September 28, 2005

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The one-minute 31-second video features a lone, masked spokesman who proceeds to read a short statement denouncing the Spanish court's sentencing of Al-Jazirah correspondent Taysir Alluni to prison and stresses the need for solidarity with their brother. Unlike the first broadcast, the news presenter had no Koran or machine gun at his desk. A translation of the statement follows:

"God's peace and blessings be upon you.

In an urgent report aired a short while ago, the Qatari Al-Jazirah Channel said that the Spanish court looking into the case of our Muslim brother Taysir Alluni convicted him to seven years in prison. The Sawt Al-Khilafa Media Establishment on the Web has issued a statement strongly denouncing the practices of the infidel Crusader Spanish courts against the Muslim journalist Taysir Alluni, the correspondent of the Qatari Al-Jazirah Channel. The statement stressed full solidarity with our brother Taysir Alluni in his ordeal and against the injustice he is being subjected to due to his reporting on the news with full neutrality and according to the internationally-established standards of journalism.

Thank you and God's peace and blessings be upon you."



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