Thursday, September 22, 2005

PA Writer Slams HAMAS (kinda, sorta): "Transferring the Corruption With RPG's"

This is an interesting article from Ramallah-based Al-Hayah al-Jadidah, which is owned by the Palestinian Authority. Usually the PA writers tend to be much more conciliatory towards HAMAS.

I found the following quote especially interesting: "A sensible patriot would never expect HAMAS to clone corruption with a decision backed by RPGs, bombs, and shells."

I don't know about him, but frankly this is just the kind of behavior I would expect from HAMAS.

PA Writer Slams Hamas For Seizing Evacuated Gaza Lands By Force Commentary

by Muwaffaq Matar: "Transferring the Corruption With RPG's"

Al-Hayah al-Jadidah

Wednesday, September 21, 2005 T17:11:04Z

It is an irresponsible mentality which -decides to pull out a weapon and seize, with its bullying strength, government land.

  • What legal and moral logic invokes a resistance movement to order its members to raise earth barriers on donums of government land in the center of Al-Awdah city in Gaza? They drew RPG rockets to protect two bulldozers, which we thought were being used to lift the pile of damage left by the Zionist occupation from citizen homes but we were surprised to see them being used to seize government land through force of weapon.

  • What is happening to HAMAS Movement's behavior and thinking? It decided to enter the arena of honorable political competition and aim -- according to a natural right stipulated by law -- to win legislative and municipal elections. Why should it strengthen itself at this time through weapons and resistance youth against the authority and the law? Do they not fear the negative repercussions on the mujahidinn's consciousness when they see their strength being utilized for means other than the peaceful social struggle on the domestic front?

  • Do they think that any sensible person would stand before them and say: "No" if they did everything necessary for the political peaceful struggle in order to adjust the domestic conditions?

    On the other hand:

  • Why are the brothers being dragged into these methods that we have rejected and they have rejected? The National Authority proceeded to retrieve the solemnity of the law's sovereignty when it destroyed the luxurious homes of influential people that have taken advantage of their positions and returned the ownership of the land to the true original owners?

  • How could it justify its use of a method that is wrong from the standpoint of principles? How can a resistance movement, which attributes itself with the jihadist quality, approve such an act and execute it regardless of what its objectives are? These objectives will not convince us regardless of how honorable the substance is. If this movement, which enjoys a broad popular base, does this, then are we going to be surprised when some group commits acts that destroy the national unity that is losing its meaning gradually with these acts?

  • Why does this happen at this time in particular? Is it because the security and national police are busy trying to control the loose security control caused by some people in Rafah to suit their interest and the interest of drug dealers, smugglers, and arms dealers?

  • Do the brothers in HAMAS not realize that this sort of behavior can be as bad to the Palestinian mind as the worm that rots the Palestinian tree, which we should protect the purity of its roots, trunk, and branches. If one branch decomposes, the other will serve as a source of life for the tree. A sensible patriot would never expect HAMAS to clone corruption with a decision backed by RPGs, bombs, and shells.

    (Description of Source: Ramallah Al-Hayah al-Jadidah in Arabic -- Daily owned by the Palestinian Authority)

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