Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Al Qaeda video with English subtitles

An email was distributed this morning through the Al Ansar Mailing List Project containing links to a video that the email calls “They Die to be Alive 1”. The video claims to have been made by the Jihad Media Battalion. The email includes English subtitles, so it’s clearly targeted to a western audience.

The video itself, which was packages on September 23, 2005, begins with an excerpt from a speech by Osama Bin Laden and includes video footage of a series of bomb attacks on US forces in Iraq. It includes excerpts of videos previously released by various terror groups in Iraq, including the Ansar al Sunnah Army, the Army of Islam in Iraq, and Qaeda’t al Jihad in Mesopotamia.

The video is ten minutes, 35 seconds in length.

A copy of the email is in the attached file or you may view it at

The video may be downloaded from
To view the video, you will need to download it and unzip it.



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