Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More observations on the 9/19/2005 Zarahiri tape

A few more observations from the tape:

Background is different - the last few tapes have had a darker brownish background

He isn't wearing his black vest that we've seen in his recent tapes.

He doesn't have a weapon visible in the portions of the tape that I've seen.

The tape appears to be several segments put together. I can't tell if Al Jazeera did that or if Sahab did that when they created the tape. It does look consistent with previous tapes where Al Jazeera has cut portions out.

The English subtitles are interesting - clearly oriented towards an English speaking audience.

In this tape he appears to be answering questions, as opposed to the monologue seen in his other recent tapes.

The tape makes a clear reference to an article published on August 11, making it possible to limit the date when the tape was made a little more closely - i.e. between August 11 and September 18.

The last tape was done outdoors; you can see the wind clearly whipping things around.

This tape appears to have been made indoors, with artificial lighting.



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