Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Does Saudi most wanted have passport from Bosnia-Hertzogovenia?

This article, translated by FBIS, denies that Yunis Muhammad Ibrahim al-Hayari, one of the Saudi most wanted, has a passport from Bosnia-Hertzogovenia. Apparantly the story is making the rounds that a number of terrorists, including al-Hayari, have received passports from that country. This will be an interesting one to follow.

Ministry 'Source' Denies 'Most Wanted' Moroccan Extremist Holds B-H Passport "Wanted Arab Extremist is Not a B-H Citizen" -- BETA headline

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sarajevo, 30 Jun (BETA) -- Yunis Muhammad Ibrahim al-Hayari, one of the most wanted extremists in Saudi Arabia, does not have a B-H passport or identity card, sources in the B-H Council of Ministers said this evening.

A source in the B-H Council of Ministers told BETA that al-Hayari was given a passport in 1996 as a reward for serving in the B-H Army, but he never submitted a request for renewing his citizenship, nor does he have a valid CIPS passport or B-H identity card.

The CIPS project in B-H, that is, the introduction of uniform personal documents in line with European standards, was first implemented in 2003. The implementation of the CIPS project was one of the conditions for B-H's faster European integration, and B-H citizens exchanged their old personal documents for new, uniform throughout B-H.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry has published a new list of 36 most wanted extremists who are suspected of carrying out numerous attacks in Saudi Arabia, and other countries. Al-Hayari, originally from Morocco, is on that list. (Passage omitted)

(Description of Source: Belgrade BETA in Serbian -- independent Belgrade press agency BETA)



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