Thursday, August 04, 2005

August 4, 2005. New tape from Ayman Zawahiri released on Al Jazeera this morning

In the tape, played on Al Jazeera TV at approximately 8 am ET this morning, Zawahiri mentions the London bombings, and claims that more are on the way. He claims that the destruction of London will be felt again in London, and will also be felt in the United States.

Some preliminary observations:

1. The black turban worries me. Zawahiri traditionally wears a white turban.

2. The position of the gunsight is proximate to the body, rather than away from the body. That has in the past been correlated with attacks within 2-15 days after the airing of a tape.

3. In the portion of the tape I have translated so far I have seen NO mention of the death of King Fahd. That indicates to me that the tape was made prior to the announcement of the death of Fahd.

A full translation and analysis is underway.

Clieck here to listen to the 2 minute, 3 second excerpt from the tape at the Al Jazeera site



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