Friday, July 22, 2005

Suicide by Cop?

This morning, the airwaves are full of discussion regarding the shooting of a suspected suicide bomber as he entered the London subway.

The latest report from Sky News indicates that the suspected bomber was not carrying any explosives at the time he was shot by a crack British anti-terror squad.

Before the inevitable trashing by the liberal media of the British officers involved in the shooting begins, it is important that we be aware of the facts:

1. Suspect is wearing heavy winter coat that appears to be padded. (It is mid-July in London. Temperatures in London are in the 70’s today.)
2. Suspect is confronted by law enforcement and told to stop.
3. Suspect runs

It is clear that the suspect was dressed in an almost stereotypical manner, and may have actually wanted to call attention to himself. Law enforcement has been urging people since July 7 to be on the lookout for individuals dressed in just this style.

It is readily apparent that London is on edge after two sets of attacks in two weeks. The individual, who is said to have been suspected of being a participant in yesterday’s attacks, surely knew that he was provoking a response from law enforcement.

It looks to me like a clear cut case of either:

1. Suicide by Cop.
2. Suicide by Cop with intent to cause media outcry against cops - in other words, he set up the cops.

It will be interesting to see if he is hailed as a martyr on the Islamist boards.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

Just wanted to add that the suspect came from a house that was being watched by the police too.

11:32 PM  

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