Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Score One for the President!

The talking heads this morning were complaining about the new catch-phrase that the Bush administration is beginning to use.

“War on Terror” is out; “Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism” is the new phrase that is being used to describe the battle against Islamist terrorism.

The reaction has been less than favorable. Most people seem to think “Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism” sounds pretty lame compared to “War on Terror”.

Well, they have a point. It’s certainly not the most catchy phrase – at least not in English.

But when you translate it into Arabic you have something that will certainly get the attention of the Islamist extremists worldwide.

“Global Struggle” translates into Arabic as “Jihad al Alamaya”. Worldwide struggle.

But wait. Jihad means holy war. How does the word “struggle” translate to “jihad”?

The Arabic word “jihad” translates into English as the word “struggle”. Islamic scholars and clerics agree that “jihad” is an obligation upon each and every Muslim. Although over the centuries, it has come to be synonymous with “Holy War”, Islamic scholars have put a great deal of effort in recent years to stress that “jihad” actually means a struggle against evil inclinations.

By golly, I think our President just declared a “jihad” against “jihad”.

Way to go, Mr. President! It’s about darned time!



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