Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Voice of Jihad Resumes Publication, Issue 29 Released Today by Al Qaeda

Voice of Jihad Resumes Publication

Issue 29 Released Today by Al Qaeda

The image shows the front cover of Voice of Jihad, the publication of Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula.

This online magazine had appeared every other week for 28 issues. Then, last fall, publication of Voice of Jihad and its sister publication, Al Battar, ceased without notice.

The publication appeared just 2 days after the release of an Al Qaeda video, the Ten Martyrs of Riyadh.

The publication features a detailed description of the Saudi security forces raid on the mujahideen in Al Ras. A list of those killed in the raid is included. They claim that one of those killed was a 12 year old, who’s father also was killed in jihad.

The reemergence of Voice of Jihad may be an indication that the terrorists within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have regrouped.

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