Thursday, April 21, 2005

Geneva Convention? Eh da? (Arabic slang for "What's that?")

by Laura Mansfield

Earlier today, the Islamic Army in Iraq released a video tape of the helicopter crash in Iraq that killed 11 today, including 6 American contractors with Blackwater. The video is profoundly disturbing. It shows the jihadis walking through a field of burning wreckage. It shows dead Americans lying dead in the wreckage.

Then the jihadis move from the open field into an area that appears to be high grasses. They find an American lying in the grass, alive.

He is told "Stand up" in English. The man asks the jihadis to give him a hand. After a few moments, the man is shown standing, and is being encouraged to walk.

He hears them speaking behind him, and turns around.

The jihadis begin shooting him.

The message that accompanied the video said the American was murdered in retaliation for Muslims who were killed in Fallujah.

It does no good here for me to say this is in clear violation of the Geneva Convention. Obviously the jihadis do not care about the Geneva Convention.

Watch the video (but not with small children around). It will make you angry.

(The video is profounding disturbing. It is not suitable for children of any ages. Please take this into consideration before watching the video.)
The link to the video can be downloaded here.



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